Better Beehive's Story

Better Beehive's Mission

A revolutionary and innovative platform that advocates for Accessibility, Empowerment, and Inclusion of the Special Needs community, creating a more diverse and resilient community for ALL.

Veronica Martinez

Veronica Martinez’s passion and life’s work is advocating for inclusion of individuals with special needs and their families in our society. Veronica is a mom to two beautiful and unique children, both of whom have special needs. Through Veronica’s life experience as a mother, certified family partner advocating in schools and the community, and as an involved citizen serving on Boards of Directors of local family-centric non-profits, she has witnessed the transformational power of owning an empowered voice. As a certified family partner, Veronica’s first role is to help the family realize that their experiences and journey are important and should be heard and used to inform our community.
Better Beehive is the manifestation of Veronica’s dreams and vision. Better Beehive is revolutionary review web application dedicated to bringing the voice of the special needs community to the forefront of local businesses and institutions making accessibility, empowerment and inclusion for all abilities a reality in our society. As a mother, advocate and community member Veronica sees Better Beehive’s mission as the light to creating a diverse, rich and resilient community that values accessibility, empowerment and inclusion for ALL.

" Every dollar spent is a vote for the community a citizen hopes to witness and the future for which they choose to invest. Vote Wisely."

- Veronica Martinez